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New Way Living is an integrated part of Wellness By Design, a family medicine clinic designed to restore and empower formerly incarcerated persons. Our goal is to identify and address the major issues that affect and influence their lives. We believe that wellness is individualized and as such will design a program that meets client's where they are on their continuum to achieve overall wellness.

When entering our program we immediately address issues that affect and influence the immediate success of our clients. Our proactive approach allows our clients to acclimate to a positive atmosphere.



The following are priorities for our clients:

   ● Housing: Finding a sober living house or living situation that supports a healthy lifestyle.

   ● Work: Contacting local job recruiters. Following current job leads. Or possibly starting own company.

   ● Community Resources: Locating local food/clothing banks, obtaining free bus passes, access to phones.

   ● Medication: Medicated Assisted Therapy, Healthcare, Mental Health.


While our clients are involved in their first stage, we integrate the next step that focuses on personal issues which influence behavior:

   ● Mental Approaches to Positive Change: Connecting with others, Being physically active, Learning new skills, Giving back to others, Paying attention to the present (Mindfulness).

Family Structure and Influence: Learning how family and friends can assist or impede personal growth.

NA/AA Meetings and Sponsors: Locating and getting involved in local meetings.

Goal Setting and Steps of Achievement: (1) Developing realistic and achievable goals for each individual. (2) Create courses of action that will promote achievement


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